Nudie Jeans House Celebrates Denim on Melrose Ave.

nudie-jeansSwedish denim brand Nudie Jeans Co. has found a Los Angeles home at Nudie Jeans House on Melrose Ave.

The 600-square-foot, bungalow-like retail space off Melrose Avenue meshes a boutique with a bespoke-repair-and-alterations clinic. Celebrating “the art of denim,” Nudie Jeans House carries an extensive range of men’s and women’s denim products—including those made with the super-high-end and pricey selvage denim—as well as the Backbone collection, a line of 100 percent organic clothing basics. An earth-friendly attitude carries over to the boutique’s Repair: Reuse: Reduce program, which sees old Nudie Jeans repaired and recycled for sale. 710 N. Edinburgh Ave., L.A., 323.951.0677.

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