MiniBar in Hollywood.

You pretty much have everything you’ve ever wanted in a cocktail lounge at new MiniBar in Hollywood.

MiniBar, Hollywood’s newest low key cocktail lounge offers a ‘70s vibe with a dark wood bar surrounded by gold-dipped tables and booths with refurbished leather office chairs. The cocktail menu is simple, stocked with updated takes on classics like the Fuzzy del Navel (not quite vodka, not quite peach but still orange, cold and delicious) and Harvey Wallbanger (back and radder than ever with gin, Galliano and orange juice with lemon bitters on ice). If that’s not enough the retro spot is tucked next to the 101 Coffee Shop inside the Hollywood Hills Best Western, which gives you endless options for continuing your night after last call.

6141 Franklin Ave., L.A., 323.798.4939.

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