Magnolia downtownMagnolia downtown

Launches Happy Hour

After being open for nearly a month, Magnolia downtown has announced the addition of a weekday happy hour. Find drink specials $4 beers, $5 wines, $7 cocktails such as their Greyhound and Apple Martini, and $6 appetizers. M-F 4-7 p.m. 825 W. 9th St., downtown, 213.362.0880.

Bargains, Happy Hours, Orange County Things to Do

Orange County certainly has a high cost of living, even if you’re just here for a visit. However, the locals know the secrets, those special deals where a bargain can be had and luxury and good times are nearly half off. Our California guide is your local connection for Orange County things to do. We’ll not only tell you what’s going on, but what’s on special, what time happy hour is, and how you and your family can make the most of your vacation dollar. We’re a comprehensive guide on Orange County things to do, not to mention your inside connection to great savings that only the locals know about.

Speaking of Orange County things to do, take Magnolia’s downtown happy hour, for instance. From 4 to 7 p.m every weekday, enjoy high class specialty cocktails for just $7, or if suds are your flavor, $4 beers. A premiere glass of wine is only $5. Magnolia is right downtown, so you can check out the city life as you lay on the fun. The list of Orange County things to do are endless, but the bargains are scant. They can be had if you know who to ask. Take our advice, and you’ll save a buck while still tasting the good life and all it has to offer.

Safe Neighborhoods to Live in the Heart of Los Angeles

Let’s address a popular Los Angeles neighborhood FAQ: where are the safe neighborhoods in LA? Los Angeles is a massive metropolis that covers everything from Skid Row to Beverley Hills. Some neighborhoods are better suited to raising a family than others. Located just a few miles from the beach, Playa Vista offers a newer, cookie-cutter community. While the neighborhood doesn’t have many stores, there are shopping options within easy driving distance just a few miles away. Los Feliz is a popular residential spot for the hip and young, featuring a burgeoning arts district and plenty of night life. Culver City offers a safe neighborhood for families, though it’s not terribly exciting. But if you want night life or a good beach, those options are easily within driving range. 

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