2009 Western Regional Barista Competition

Intelligentsia Coffee hosts the event at the Spring Arts Tower, 453 S. Spring St., downtown.

Free Cofffee

Griffith Observatory: LA Things to Do

Of course another option on the list of LA things to do is to actually do a little of the real star-gazing at the historical Griffith Observatory on the peak of Mount Hollywood.  Park your car at the foot of the mountain and explore the trails.  On almost every visitor’s list of LA things to do is hiking any number of the trails near the observatory that in all account for 53 miles of prime wildlife spotting.  Starting at the bottom, you wouldn’t be surprised to see a few deer, coyotes, or American eagles.  Then when you get to the top recharge with a bite at the cafeteria and take in some of the gorgeous panoramic views underneath the famous James Dean statue.

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