Los Angeles Leica Store Is The Largest In The World

Shop for Leica cameras, lenses and more at the Leica store in Los Angeles. Photo by Paul Smith.

In West Hollywood you can shop for expertly crafted Leica cameras, lenses and more at the first Leica store on the West Coast.

Owning a Leica “photographic tool” is a little like membership in an elite club: You might be able to buy your way in, but you’ll never truly belong unless you learn the secret handshakes, such as the merits of the company’s various handmade lenses or differences between its M-system models. Now, with the opening of the Leica Store in West Hollywood, the German company’s fervent devotees and aspiring “members” have an 8,000-square-foot clubhouse. The store carries the entire range of Leica products and accessories, which have been favored by working photojournalists and street photographers since the company produced one of the earliest small-format 35mm cameras more than 85 years ago. It also offers photography books and printing, and houses a library and an art gallery with exhibitions of established and rising photographers. 8783 Beverly Blvd.,West Hollywood, 310.854.0316. leicastorela.com

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