Los Angeles Cocktails You’ll Want to Drink Now


Whether you’re sipping cocktails at home or on the town, here are a few of our current favorite Los Angeles cocktails, where to find them, and how to mix them at home.

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Guayabera at Sadie.

Giovanni Martinez creates this fresh and fruity concoction at Sadie, the Hollywood hotspot that boasts world-class artisan cocktails.

2 oz. Lemongrass & Basil-infused Silver Tequila*

3/4 oz. Lime Juice

3/4 oz. Watermelon Syrup**

Shake first three ingredients in tin, then add soda and serve in a tall glass with Cayenne and Kosher Salt on the rim.

* Lemongrass & Basil-infused Silver Tequila: Chop up 2-3 stalks of lemongrass and 10-12 leaves of Thai basil, and then add to 1 liter of silver tequila and let sit overnight. Strain and re-bottle.

** Watermelon Syrup: Chop up watermelon and blend in blender, then fine strain and add equal part fine sugar to strained liquid and mix until fully dissolved.

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