De Re Gallery Founders Dish on the Los Angeles Art Scene

De Re Gallery
De Re Gallery co-founders Steph Sebbag and Marine Tanguy.

De Re Gallery, which opened in May with a star-studded inaugural exhibition, deftly intermingles contemporary artists from Europe, New York and Los Angeles with established masters. Co-founders Steph Sebbag and Marine Tanguy shared their views on L.A.’s art scene with us.

For inspiration and creativity, some of the best things to do in LA are:
LACMA. We love the feel of the space and its impressive permanent collection from antiquity to the present. Each exhibition is breathtaking and beautifully curated—with a current heart-stopper of an exhibition, Calder and Abstraction: From Avant-Garde to Iconic, on display until the 27th of July.

The upcoming show we’re most excited to see is …
the video installation of Magdalena Fernandez at MOCA [Grand Avenue, show opening September 2015]. Just like our De Re artist Victor Gingembre looks at light and shadows with his sculptural works, so does Magdalena Fernandez. … [H]aving an artist of this standing at MOCA is fantastic!

L.A.’s arts scene is thriving because …
of its numerous and diverse museums and galleries. There is such a demand for art events in L.A. and the community is very supportive towards creative minds and projects. L.A. also hosts the most beautiful private collections in the world with the most refined eyes and tastes. The mere fact that such a respected figure as Philippe Vergne became the director of MOCA shows how international [the] Los Angeles art scene is perceived nowadays. [It] seems forever growing with no limits to its ambitious vision.

What are some of the most important recent cultural openings in L.A.?
The opening of the Wallis [Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts] in Beverly Hills, a superb art center in the iconic former Beverly Hills Post Office, reinforced the position of [L.A.] as a major cultural center in the world with a very impressive inaugural gala. … Ambition and space is what has attracted a number of renowned art galleries to move to Los Angeles in the recent years, [and] De Re Gallery is honored to be one of them.

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