Fishing With Dynamite Offers An Explosive Menu In Manhattan Beach

Fishing With Dynamite
Manhattan Beach dining takes on an East Coast flair with fresh seafood selections at Fishing With Dynamite.

Chef David LeFevre brings fresh seafood and a fusion of East Coast flavors to Manhattan Beach at Fishing With Dynamite.

By Christina Xenos

Stepping into the cozy quarters of Fishing With Dynamite you’re immediately transported to the storied seafood spots in what could be Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket. The only thing that gives the location away are the epic sunset views over the Pacific Ocean and Manhattan Beach Pier just down the hill from the restaurant’s location. But if you’re wondering what’s going on in the LA food scene, Fishing With Dynamite promises to be one of the tastiest.

In his new dining venture that is steps from his ever-popular gastropub M.B. Post, chef David LeFevre focuses on what he does best: seafood focused cuisine that is both traditional and eclectic. The menu is divided among the raw bar, which offers daily oyster selections in addition to a rotating roster of fresh seafood like littleneck clams, Atlantic lobster and Dungeness crab; “new school” (creative dishes like black miso cod with Japanese eggplant, adzuki beans and spicy albacore tuna tartare with shrimp chips and Asian pears); “old school” (East Coast favorites like New England clam chowder and Maryland blue crab cakes), and “after school” desserts like Key lime pie and maple pudding with rosemary sandies. Pair the ocean fare with a selection of crafted cocktails with a selection of seafood-friendly beers, wines and crafted cocktails and you’re on your way to a delicious meal. For fresh destinations in Los Angeles, definitely put this one on your culinary map!

Tale a closer look at the menu:

raw-bar fishing with dynamite
Raw bar selections like oysters, Dungeness crab and Peruvian scallops.


Close up of a Peruvian scallop from the raw bar.


Spicy albacore tuna tartare with shrimp chips and Asian pears.


Menu special of hamachi served over avocado in a ponzu sauce.


Loup de Mer served over walnut eggplant puree and a corn succotash.


Black miso cod with Japanese eggplant, adzuki beans.


Grilled octopus served over white beans, date-tomato ragu, preserved lemon and Kalamata olive tapenade.


Key lime pie with a graham cracker crust and kaffir lime meringue.


1148 Manhattan Ave., Manhattan Beach, 310.893.6299.



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