Dopl’s True-to-Life Miniatures at Westfield Century City

Modern Technology for Lasting Memories

Launched their first store at NYC’s Soho neighborhood last fall, Dopl has now opened its doors to the city of Los Angeles with its newest location at Westfield Century City Mall. Get a true-to-life miniaturized version of yourself or loved ones in less than a second with the help of their full 3D body scan technology. Their true-to-life miniatures are so detailed that they capture the essence of how you look and feel in for those memorable moments.

The miniatures called ‘Dopls’ come in different size packages. Customers can come in to create personalized figures of themselves, with friends and family, even pets. Westfield Century City Mall’s store showcases a variety of captured moments like engagement, wedding celebrations, and even sword fights. The figures feel so lifelike because you can see the smallest details like hair texture, wrinkles on clothes, and facial expressions.

What makes Dopl unique is that they specialize in the development of the 3D scanning and 3D printing pipeline that delivers an emotional experience in-store by creating emotional attachments to products. When entering the store, you cannot help but look at everyone else’s Dopl and what moment did they decide to catch.

Engagement Dopl

You can now order Dopl for the holidays and we are here to guide you through. It is a super simple process and a fun experience when doing it with friends and family. First thing is when you enter the store, you are introduced to a variety of Dopl moments, from solo shots to group photos, and funny party moments with friends.

From there, the second step will be assistance from their wonderful associates who will walk you through the process and give you all the pricing options for your miniature. You will have six size options from a range of 4 – 14 inches and they even have a solo option for your pet! Dopl provides a pet-friendly atmosphere where every associate is ready to meet your needs. If you want to check out their options and pricing click here.

Nonni and Leticia

Once you have finished choosing your option, you will be directed to the photo booth where they do the 360° scan in the ‘Dopl Maker.’ This machine carries 87 DSLR cameras to make sure that everything is properly captured for that full 3D scan. Don’t worry about your pets if they are anxious creatures, the associates have treats and toys ready with them at all times. Once you have your desired pose, they will take a couple of quick shots and you are done. The process is fast and easy.

Dopl Maker

After that, the actual Dopl itself will take approximately 2-3 weeks and they will ship the product directly to your door. If you are looking for that intimate and special gift, Dopl is perfect for the holidays. As we said earlier, the details are the most important part of the process and they will make sure that they capture every little detail to replicate your special moment.

Here is a version of my partner and I with our dog. We were very satisfied with how it came out and having a 3D replica of us made that specific moment special.

Detailed Dopl Figure

“Dopls are so much more than a photograph; they are the 21st century photograph,” according to company Chairman, Brian Henson. “They are a celebration of who you are and what you love.” Dopl is a 3D technology company that takes the highest resolution, photogrammatical 3D scans of people and pets available at a consumer price point.

More Info

Dopl celebrates who we are and what we love, capturing the highest resolution 3D scans of people and pets and creating true-to-life miniatures and collectibles of our customers. Get yours today with your pets and loved ones.

Address: Century City, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd Westfield, Suite 2820, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Times: Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m – 9 p.m. Sunday, 11 a.m – 8 p.m.

Phone: (310) 574-2857

Pictures courtesy of Dopl


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