Ludo LefebvreIf you can’t wait for LudoBites to pop up again at Gram & Papas downtown (July 21-Sept. 3), you can dig into his cuisine at an exclusive event at Lindblade Lounge CC in celebration of the new exhibition, Actualized, by Toronto-based artist André Ethier (not to be confused with Andre Ethier on the Dodgers).

The evening features delectable “bites” by Ludo Lefebvre, unlimited specialty cocktails including Soju Martini’s and a variety of Japanese Micro Brews that will compliment Ludo’s culinary creations that merge old world simplicity and new world imagination.

This exclusive event is limited to 50 guests. Tickets for the public are $99 per guest and available for purchase HERE.

8927 Lindblade St., Culver City.

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