Daniel Lentz: “Illuminated Manuscripts” Opens at SPF:a Gallery

daniel lentz illuminated manuscripts

The boundaries between artistic disciplines get transcended in a stunning, multi-sensory fashion at SPF:a Gallery in Culver City with Daniel Lentz: “Illuminated Manuscripts,” opening April 7.

In this exhibition, Lentz—a composer who has been commissioned by ensembles and individuals around the world, from the Los Angeles Philharmonic to West German Radio (WDR)—adds a unique and alluring visual component to his music. The three dimensional works vary in size and shape, but share a common theme – they all feature suspended elements, abstractly representing actual musical scores that inspired each work in the artist’s conscience.  The music adds a fourth dimension to the artwork, which, when played transports the viewer into a richer experience of the work.

Last year, Lentz’ work caught the eye of SPF:a curator, Judit M. Fekete, and she decided to launch the collection in a multi-sensory event, open to the public. “The work is beautiful on its own; however, we wanted guests to experience the multi-dimensional power of the pieces, when viewed in conjunction with the music that inspired their creation,” said Fekete. The show will be on display at the gallery until August 31.

The public is welcome to attend the opening event: April 7, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m., which offers the visual and aural experience of the pieces in addition to delicious Hungarian-filled crepes and refreshments. RSVP is required: oguz.ince@spfa.com, or 310.558.0902. SPF:a Gallery, 8609 Washington Blvd., Culver City. spfagallery.com/lentz

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