Corkbar Offers “Sausage Supper” Three-Course Artisanal Dinner

Downtown Los Angeles California-centric wine bar and restaurant partners with Huntington Meats for an exclusive dinner.

CorkbarThis isn’t your ordinary night for eating tubed meat. On Wednesday, April 27, for the second installment of its ongoing Artisanal Dinner Series, Corkbar partners with local purveyor Huntington Meats for a three-course, $25 prix-fixe “Sausage Supper.” As a part of this ongoing series, each dish in the prix-fixe will showcase an artisan ingredient from Corkbar’s purveyor partner, and in this case, it will be housemade sausages from the local butcher. Optional craft beer or California wine pairings are available for an additional $10 or 15, respectively. 6 p.m.-close. Corkbar, 403 W. 12th St., downtown, 213.746.0050.

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