Cocktail Confidential: A Guide To Los Angeles Nightlife

Neo-speakeasies, reservation-only drinking dens, hidden dance clubs—the hottest Los Angeles nightspots have an air of secrecy. Allow us to let you in on Los Angeles nightlife’s little secrets.

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A bar hidden behind … another bar? Seventy7 in Culver City has the ultimate cover. An approachable neighborhood joint, Rocco’s Tavern is a reliable choice for a cold pint and a greasy slice, but a sleeker crowd heads to Seventy7 lounge, accessible through an alley adjacent to Rocco’s and marked by a sign that simply reads “cocktails.” Utter the password (consult Seventy7’s Twitter feed; it changes nightly) to enter the sleek bar and lounge. Order a sip from the absinthe fountain or a signature cocktail such as the Plaid Bikini with whiskey, elderflower syrup, Yellow Chartreuse, grapefruit juice and bitters. 3843 Main St., Culver City, 310.559.7707.


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