Cocktail Confidential: A Guide To Los Angeles Nightlife

Neo-speakeasies, reservation-only drinking dens, hidden dance clubs—the hottest Los Angeles nightspots have an air of secrecy. Allow us to let you in on Los Angeles nightlife’s little secrets.

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Bar Thirteen

From its roost in the Pershing Square Building, Perch is the downtown rooftop bar du jour with an after-hours French-bistro vibe (steak frites and kir royals, anyone?) and impressive views of Bunker Hill’s skyscrapers and Pershing Square. Venture beneath Perch to its newer, lesser-known counterpart, Bar Thirteen, still so clandestine that even the Perch website contains no word of its existence. When you’ve had enough of the alfresco scene, head downstairs to this dark, intimate den for live entertainment (jazz, burlesque and stand-up comedy) and artisan cocktails. 448 S. Hill St., downtown, 213.802.1770.



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