Dine with Chef Philip Dubose at Asia de Cuba

Asia de Cuba Exectuive Chef Philip Dubose demonstrates a three-course meal table-side for diners April 12

Asia de Cuba mondrian hotelAngelinos, and those visiting our city, expect nothing less than the best Los Angeles things to do, and when it comes to Los Angeles dining, we not only want to eat food that makes our taste buds explode with ecstasy, but sometimes we want to learn all the chefs secrets as well. Luckily you have your chance on April 12, at Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian Hotel with executive chef Philip Dubose.

At this rare and wonderful event, mingle in the chic modern dining room and gaze out over LA basin, glass of bubbly in hand, just as the sun is setting. Take your place at the table (grab a seat facing the window) where, just to the side of it, the affable Dubose joins you with his culinary team to demonstrate the night’s menu.

Everything at Asia de Cuba has to have elements of Latino and Asian regions. When we were there during their January event, Dubose demonstrated making the classic ADC Tuna Pica, Ropa Viega en Salade (consisting of a slow roasted duck leg, napa cabbage, daikon radish sprouts, plum & soy dressing), sauteed Turbot in Tarragon Mushroom broth, and crowned the night by serving a dessert platter that would make any sweet tooth envious. Throughout the night he throws in his tricks like: use gyoza wrappers for ravioli, instead of spending the evening mixing actual pasta dough.

On Tuesday Dubose prepares and teaches you how to create seasonal dishes and ADC classics such as the Havanna Roll, Char Sui Short Rips and Whole Branzino. After the preparation, dine on a three-course prix-fixe (consisting of the dishes you learned to prepare), paired with wine. $95/pp. Reservations required. Asia de Cuba, Mondrian Los Angeles Hotel, 8440 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.848.6000.

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