Escape Hotel Hollywood
Escape Hotel Hollywood

Escape Hotel Hollywood isn’t your average Tinseltown hotel.

In case you didn’t know, Hollywood is in the middle of a hotel boom. But the newest hotel in Hollywood may not be exactly what it seems. It appears to be a hospitable 1930s-style throwback, right in the middle of the boulevard between Hollywood and Highland and Hollywood and Vine. However, when you check into the largest escape room venue to-date, you’ll lose track of time and space, in environments like an abandoned daycare facility and zombie-filled post-apocalyptic lab.

Escape Hotel Hollywood houses 10 escape rooms with unique interactive experiences themed to Mafia, Witchcraft, Zombie, Daycare, Agent, Pirate, Circus, Slaughter, Heist and Kidnapping. Once you and your group of friends check in, you’ll be lead into one of these scenarios, and it’s up to you to work with your group with the clues and tools provided to make your way out.

Escape Hotel Hollywood, 6633 Hollywood Blvd., L.A., 323.848.4954.

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