21 drops Arrives at Fred Segal Melrose

21 drops fred segal melroseVisit Fred Segal Melrose to learn about 21 drops, receive an aromatherapy consultation, and pick up “CARma Relief,” made exclusively for Angelinos.

21 drops aims to help take the edge off daily life in LA, help with heartache, or give you that burst of inspiration with their modern line of 21 blends of therapeutic-grade essential oils. At their July 30, event at Fred Segal Melrose (1-5 p.m.), enjoy a summer drink, meet Cary Caster and Amy Ilyse Rosenthal, the founders of 21 Drops and enjoy a personal aromatherapy consultation to find the blend that’s right for you. You can even pick up a special limited edition blend (only sold at Fred Segal) called CARma Relief that magically makes weathering LA traffic a breeze. CARma Relief combines oils of spikenard root, bergamot mint leaf, Roman chamomile flower, cedarwood and jojoba seed to help you feel calmer, cooler, soothed and uplifted for your daily commute.

Experience other individual oil blends such as Invigorate, which helps oxygenate the blood and promote blood flow, energizing the body; Strength, which anchors, centers and fortifies certainty, helping you to believe, trust and be complete; or Passion, which is all about promoting playfulness, enthusiasm, exploration and an appetite for life. 21 Drops trio packs are perfect to pick up for fighting colds and flus, ensuring well travel, getting you through an action packed weekend, or arming you for survival in the 21st Century.

Find 21 Drops online at 21Drops.com, or in Los Angeles exclusively at Fred Segal Melrose. RonRobinson | Fred Segal, 8118 Melrose Ave., L.A., 323.651.0239. 21Drops.com

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