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Los Angeles Welcomes Shochu Month with a Splash of Flavors and Expertise

Los Angeles Welcomes Shochu Month with a Splash of Flavors and Expertise

The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO) is set to ignite the culinary scene in Los Angeles with its electrifying “Spark Your Senses” event. Nine of Los Angeles’ most renowned bars are participating, including Accomplice Bar, Death&Co LA, Employees Only LA, Gold Line, Redbird, Steep LA, The Lincoln, The Semi-Tropic and…

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Ubuntu, West Hollywood's vibrant dining scene

Ubuntu Ushers in the New Year with Soul Food Sundays: A Culinary Celebration

As we step into 2024, Ubuntu is set to elevate its culinary offerings with the introduction of Soul Food Sundays, beginning January 14. Diners can look forward to indulging in dishes like Southern fried lasagna, biscuits & gravy with…

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fancy holiday cocktails

Explore Top Holiday Dining Spots in Los Angeles

Embrace the festive spirit of the holiday season in Los Angeles with our curated dining guide. Whether you’re seeking top-notch restaurants or delightful dessert shops, we’ve compiled a great selection for you to explore. Gather your loved ones and immerse yourself in…

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Eataly's Capri and Terra offer culinary journeys.

Experience Authentic Italian Flavors at Eataly Century City’s Capri and Terra

Eataly’s Century City hosts two dining experiences, each offering a unique taste of Italy’s rich culinary landscape. Whether you’re craving the vibrant flavors of southern Italy at Capri or yearning for the rustic charm of a rooftop grill at Terra, these culinary destinations…

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KISS Prince St. Pizza

Prince Street Pizza and KISS: A Rockin’ Tribute in Every Slice

Rock and roll and pizza, a combination as classic as it is delicious, have come together in a symphony of flavors and legendary style. In an electrifying collaboration, Prince Street Pizza has partnered with none other than the rock and roll legends KISS to celebrate the band’s final shows at Madison Square Garden…

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Lucier's Pizza

Lucifer’s Pizza: A Fiery Slice in Burbank

In the heart of Burbank’s vibrant Magnolia Park, a new pizza joint has emerged, tantalizing the taste buds of pizza aficionados and spicing up the local dining scene. Lucifer’s Pizza, with its latest outpost at 3116 W Magnolia Blvd., is not just your ordinary pizza place…

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