San Diego Things to See and Do (If By Sea or By Two)

A Date to Remember: San Diego Things to See and Do for Two

Every years, couples from all over the world flock to San Diego on their honeymoons. With endless beaches, outdoor adventures, fine dining and a variety of cruise ships and yachts that depart from the San Diego Bay, a honeymoon in San Diego has something for everyone. San Diego has some amazing casual dining spots, or fancier if you prefer. The variety of neighborhoods makes the things to see and do in San Diego worth researching. For the casino loving couple, there’s an array to choose from, including Pechanga Resort and Casino and Harrah’s. If golf is more their cup of tee, there’s the Maderas Golf Club as well as Four Seasons Resort and Torrey Pines.

The first time I went to San Diego I was on a blind date. Perhaps this ages me a bit. This was before the age of online matches. Not that I’m judging. I’m just that old. The blind date turned out so well that I never looked back, partly because my future husband was so funny and charming, and partly because he was smart enough to choose a place to live like San Diego, where there’s always an abundance of nightlife. We had dinner in Ocean Beach, somewhere on Newport Avenue, and strolled down the Ocean Beach Pier surrounded by surfers salty from their day in the waves and clouds of incense from an array of antique dealers and record stores.