How to Eat Korean BBQ

How to Eat Korean BBQ

The beauty of Korean bbq is you get to cook the food yourself, but that means you are your own chef. That’s just one element of Korean BBQ that makes it an amazing LA adventure in creativity. There are several tips and techniques to pay attention to in order to get the most out of your culinary experience. Unlock the flavors of tempting barbecue with these secrets.

First off, don’t over flip your meat. This will cause the meat to become too dry. The best time to flip the meat is when you see small bubbles of juice dancing on the surface, almost as if it is crying.

Know Your Noodles and Your Meat

It’s also important to pair the correct noodles with the right meat. The first dish should only be grilled meat. A good second course could be naeng-myeon (cold noodles) or rice and doenjangjjigae, bean paste stew with a bowl of rice.

Don’t worry so much about the sauces. Stick to salt for the unmarinated barbecue, which is better at bringing out the true flavors of the meat. Sauce overdipping is akin to dunking crab cakes in ketchup.

Beef Tartare in the Summer? Believe It or Not, It’s Safer

If you’re brave enough to try Korean beef tartare, the safest time is surprisingly in the summer. Restaurants tend to be extra careful due to the obvious risk.

Going out for Korean barbecue in Los Angeles should be a social experience, so bring friends. The more, the merrier. Sharing and sampling multiple dishes adds to the fun.