These LA Chinese Restaurants are Not to Be Missed

These LA Chinese Restaurants are Not to Be Missed

Looking to sample some Chinese cuisine this weekend? Los Angeles has some of the best Chinese restaurants you can dine in without crossing the Pacific. In fact, Chinese cuisine is one of LA’s most recommended attractions..The JTYH Heavy Noodle II is known for its Northern Chinese dumplings cooked in noodles that are a stir fry, sauce or soup. They are also revered for their Sichuan-style, water-boiled beef and cumin-spiced lamb. If you’re looking for dim sum, stop in at Sea Harbour, known for some of the freshest dim sum in LA. You won’t find any dim sum carts on the premises. Instead, you simply fill out a checklist, and your dishes are made fresh to order. It’s perfect for a late lunch or early dinner, when dim sum carts are typically warmed over. And dim sum right out of the cooking pot won’t even break your budget. Plates are typically around $4.

Soup Dumplings that are Out of This World

Another LA Chinese restaurant that’s not to be missed is Din Tai Fung, famous for their Shanghai-style soup dumplings, or xiao long bao. Their version is extremely resilient with dumplings that hold their seal against the juices of the pork and soup filling. The noodles in sesame sauce are also to die for. While you might need to be patient, these dumplings are worth the wait. Sundays are typically packed with families waiting for a table.

Best Dim Sum in Los Angeles

When it comes to Chinese Restaurants, Los Angeles is a great place to get dim sum. Located on the upper floor of the Focus Plaza, New Capital Seafood serves up some decent dim sum fare at remarkably affordable prices. All their plates are priced at a fixed price tag of $2, so eat to your heart’s content. Located in Rowland Heights, 888 is known for its variety, featuring over 60 choices of dim sum and five different types of shu mai. Shanghai No. 1 is for those who can afford a taste of luxury. One of the newest dim sum joints in the city, it’s also one of the most expensive. Portions tend to be small but amazingly fresh.