Casual Dining San Diego Style: Friendly Fare Abounds

Fun, Sun and Casual Dining:  San Diego Deals

If you’re looking for casual dining San Diego style, there are lots of options that let you sample an array of cuisine without breaking your budget. Check out Gaijin Noodle and Sake House at 627 4th Avenue, offering affordable starters and entrees in the style of Japanese gastro pubs. Happy hour drinks include $3 glasses of Sapporo beer on tap, and for dessert, try sake infused snow cones to cool down from the summer heat. If you prefer a view of the ocean, check out South Beach Bar and Grille just a few miles west of downtown, and catch a glimpse of the surfers at sunset while choosing from an American fare menu including fresh seafood, grilled tacos and delicious burgers and sandwiches. Eat on a dime and not break your budget as you spend your day touring and doing awesome things in San Diego.

Want a place to grab some grub that won’t penalize you for wearing flip-flops and a t-shirt, there are plenty of options that are close to this surfing town’s heart. Try Old Town Mexican Café at 2489 San Diego Avenue, and plunk down at the bar, a booth, or their family style wooden tables and sample their signature margaritas or their spicy tequila ribs. Another great low key restaurant in San Diego favorite is Wine Steals at 1243 University Avenue, where wine tasting is as fun as the laid back atmosphere. Try it on a Monday, and enjoy their $2 pizza slices all night.