Things To Do in San Diego This Weekend


Things to Do in San Diego this Weekend: Trolley Tour

Sometimes the best way to get a sense of a new city is to understand the grid. Usually, the way a city is laid out says a lot about its history, not to mention providing visual landmarks to where you were (and what restaurant or specialty item store is located there). If you’re thinking of things to do in San Diego this weekend, don’t miss the Trolley Tour that takes you around the heart of the city. It’s the perfect way to begin your day in San Diego. A guide points out key landmarks as you begin to get a sense of how the city was shaped through various industries (including of course the shipping industry).

Looking for San Diego Events This Weekend?

Maybe you live in LA and you’ve finally decided to take that 90-minute drive south to San Diego. Or maybe you’re planning a trip and have saved the best for last – knowing that the best laid plans are the ones that have flexibility and incorporate whatever’s happening with a given place, at a given time. Whatever the scenario, if you’re looking for happenings in San Diego this weekend, be sure to check out the various cultural events (fairs, markets, and concerts) that the city has to offer. Scout for well-rated restaurants and find out their happy hour, and budget accordingly.

Surf, Sun and Plenty of Sushi in San Diego

I love the ocean. I love the salt water, the sand and the smell of the sea breeze. I’ve been a surfer all my life from the time I can remember, and I will never tire of finding the perfect swell to ride in my hometown of San Diego. Until very recently, I wasn’t a fan of sushi, but my girlfriend kept insisting, and now I can’t get enough. It’s on my list of favorite activities to do in Southern California this weekend: go to Sushi Ota. It’s on Mission Bay Drive and the Diego roll and the soft shell crab roll cannot be beat.

Take Your Pick of San Diego Happenings This Weekend

Summertime by the shore is so sweet; there is nothing better. There are so many farmer’s markets that I rarely shop at grocery stores during the summer except for meats and dairy. One of my favorite relaxing recreational activities this weekend will most likely include: farmer’s market stroll to buy fresh fruit and veggies, huge mid-morning salad after French press coffee. Heading to the beach from 11am to 3pm, courtside to one of the many volleyball matches that line the shores. Evening at an outside pub with a 3-hour long happy hour and some of my good friends.


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