Things To Do In Los Angeles That Don’t Suck


If You’re Looking for Things to Do in Los Angeles That Don’t Suck

Sometimes all the information is too much information. Everyone is advertising something and finding the things worth doing, that are worth your time and money, can be exhausting. Finding things to do in Los Angeles that don’t suck should be easy, but first you have to make your way through all the smoke and mirrors. The fact is that some of the best tourist opportunities in Los Angeles are the ones nobody’s heard of. Those are the true gems. First piece of advice is: talk to a native. People who have lived in Los Angeles for more than a decade tend to know a thing or two about what’s worth checking out. If you can find someone who was born and raised in LA, take a bow!

Finally A Way to Enjoy Los Angeles Without the Drama

I love movies as much as anyone else, but I’ve never been all that interested in movie stars or show business. Everyone posing for pictures in a non-stop parade of importance feels like a big waste of energy. So many events and tourist attractions in LA are built around the business of show, so for me, finding LA happenings I can actually stand has been a continuous challenge. One of my favorite past times includes: packing a picnic, and heading to the beach with a good book to watch the surfers surf. Talk about a way to relax.

Quirky things to do in LA that are fun and hip

Want an authentic experience of LA that’s different from the typical tourist drag? Don’t do the stereotypical. There are plenty of quirky things to do in LA that are fun and hip. See a magician show at the Brookledge Follies. In the early 20th century, Brookledge was the place to see eccentric magicians and performers like Orson Wells and Houdini. Since 2009, Brookledge has been bringing Vaudeville back with a vengeance. Or why not check out the Berlin Wall, not in Germany but in Wilshire. The 10-segment, 25-ton, 40ft-long concrete piece of the Iron Curtain has been relocated to the front of the Variety Building at 5900 Wilshire Blvd. Graffiti art has been added to the Cold War era murals that really adds a touch of contemporary to history.


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