Experience South East Asian Flavors at Star Leaf in Pasadena

Star Leaf, an award-winning restaurant group founded in 2011 by visionary restaurateur Ruth Lin, has made a grand entrance into the United States. Known for its award-winning dining experiences across 43 locations in Asia, Star Leaf has chosen the beloved Playhouse Village of Pasadena for its first US location. This new establishment promises to bring a taste…

Top Memorial Day Celebrations in Los Angeles 2024

Memorial Day event, LA Fleet Week

As Memorial Day approaches, Los Angeles is ready to celebrate and honor the sacrifices of our fallen veterans with a variety of fun events across the city. From parades and ceremonies to family-friendly activities and lively parties, there are countless ways to reflect on the valor and dedication of those who served our nation. Join us as we dive into the exciting…

A Perfect Date Night at Mastro’s Ocean Club

Mastro's Ocean Club fine dining

Mastro’s Ocean Club is the quintessential spot for an enchanting evening out, perfect for date nights that aim to impress. With its stunning architectural design and a vibrant atmosphere, it sets the mood for romance and relaxation. Delight in a menu filled with signature classics that Mastro’s is known about, complemented by top-tier service…

Ubuntu’s Twilight Garden Party: TwentyTues

"TwentyTues" LA’s dining scene

There’s something almost magical about a garden party as the sun dips below the horizon, especially when it’s orchestrated by Chef Shenarri “Greens” Freeman at Ubuntu, the heart of plant-based…

Tiff’s Treats: A Sweet Journey from Texas to California

Tiff's Treats fancy cookies

In the bustling world of culinary delights, few stories resonate with the charm and warmth of Tiff’s Treats, a venture born from a simple act of apology and transformed into a burgeoning cookie empire. Founded 25 years ago in Texas by Tiffany and her husband, Leon, the origin story of Tiff’s Treats is as sweet as the cookies they bake. It all began when Tiffany, in an attempt to make up for…

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