Lodestar Whiskey: From Entertainment to Rising Star of American Spirits

Lodestar Whiskey

In the dynamic world of American spirits, a new name has been drawing attention and accolades: Lodestar Whiskey. This local, women-founded brand has carved a niche for itself by being recognized as one of Gear Patrol’s “Best New Bourbon & Other Whiskey Releases of 2023.” The distinction doesn’t stop there; it’s the inaugural…

SHOR Bazaar: A New Culinary Experience into the Heart of Desi Cuisine

Shor Bazaar

Nestled conveniently between Los Angeles and Orange County, at 12155 E Carson St. in Hawaiian Gardens, a new restaurant just opened, poised to redefine the experience of Desi cuisine in an upscale setting. SHOR Bazaar, the latest venture from the creative minds behind the Michelin-recognized…

Discover Valentine’s Day Dining Destinations in L.A.

Valentine's Day Dining Destinations in L.A.

Los Angeles transforms Valentine’s Day into an unforgettable affair with its diverse dining landscape, presenting a spectrum of options for couples in search of the ideal celebration. The city beckons with everything from romantic candlelit meals in…

Discover Ardor: Chef John Fraser’s Culinary Gem in West Hollywood

Chef John Fraser beef and herbs

In the glittering heart of West Hollywood, behind the Edition West Hollywood’s verdant embrace, lies Ardor – a hidden gem that’s more than just a dining spot; it’s a vibrant love letter to California, penned by the illustrious Chef John Fraser. This isn’t just another ritzy eatery on the…

Los Angeles Welcomes Shochu Month with a Splash of Flavors and Expertise

Los Angeles Welcomes Shochu Month with a Splash of Flavors and Expertise

The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO) is set to ignite the culinary scene in Los Angeles with its electrifying “Spark Your Senses” event. Nine of Los Angeles’ most renowned bars are participating, including Accomplice Bar, Death&Co LA, Employees Only LA, Gold Line, Redbird, Steep LA, The Lincoln, The Semi-Tropic and…

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