Pitfire Pizza Echo Park: A Culinary Landmark Reimagined

A New Chapter in an Iconic Space

Pitfire Pizza, a name synonymous with artisan pizzas in Los Angeles, has opened its newest location in the historic Mohawk Bend space in Echo Park. This launch marks a significant expansion for the beloved pizza brand, introducing a unique blend of innovation and tradition to one of LA’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

Design That Invites and Delights

The design of the Echo Park location is thoughtfully crafted to enhance the dining experience. Comfortable and spacious, the venue boasts its own tap, a striking fireplace at the back, and even a photo booth—perfect for capturing memories with friends and family. Whether you’re here for a casual dinner or a special occasion, the ambiance is designed to make every visit memorable.

Culinary Creativity Meets Classic Favorites

At the heart of Pitfire Pizza’s appeal is its menu, which carries both signature dishes and exciting new offerings. The BEASTY BOY pizza—with its bold combination of mozzarella, blue cheese, tomato sauce, sausage, spring onion and pickled jalapeño—promises a flavor explosion, while the HONEY BEAR pizza offers a sweet and spicy mix with ricotta, mozzarella, provolone, sausage, honey, Calabrian chile and bee pollen. The pizza’s texture compliments their savory pizzas, with a crunchy exterior and chew interior, making each bite of pizza delectable to the next.

Not to be overlooked, the cheesy knots and macaroni cheese are a cheese lover’s delight, complementing the sweet and savory notes of the pizzas. Plus their boneless chicken wings are just as flavorful, coming in two types of flavors – buffalo and garlic ginger (the garlic ginger is reminiscent to Korean fried chicken flavors). For dessert, the smothered cookie served with ice cream is a must-try, offering a sweet way to end to a cheesy meal.

More Than Just Pizza

Pitfire Pizza in Echo Park doesn’t just serve food; it serves experiences. This location is the only one to offer menu nods to Mohawk Bend favorites, like buffalo cauliflower and other vegan options, celebrating the space’s legacy while catering to modern tastes. The full bar enhances the experience with 40 craft beers on tap, a carefully curated wine list, and specialty cocktails, including craft slushies (these slushies come in several flavors, they even have a Negroni slushy).

A Community Hub

True to its roots, Pitfire Pizza is much more than just a restaurant—it’s a cornerstone of community engagement. The new Echo Park location, spanning 2,500 square feet with an additional 500 square feet of patio space, is perfectly equipped to host a diverse range of events. From local fundraisers to children’s pizza-making classes, Pitfire Pizza aims to enrich the community and become a vibrant new addition to the Echo Park scene. This ample space ensures a welcoming environment where both locals and visitors can gather and engage in unique, community-oriented events.

Join the Celebration

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the brand, Pitfire Pizza in Echo Park offers an enticing blend of culinary excellence and community spirit. It’s not just a place to eat; it’s a place to experience one of the best of Los Angeles’s dynamic food scene. Pitfire Pizza is excited to welcome old friends and new faces to its Echo Park location—come and discover a new favorite in this reimagined pizza landmark.

FOR INFORMATION VISIT pitfirepizza.com

Echo Park Location: 2141 West Sunset, Los Angeles
Hours of Operation: Sunday – Thursday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m.
Friday – Saturday, 11 a.m.-12 a.m.

Photo credits: Courtesy of Pitfire Pizza


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