Wellness | Experience the Healing Power of Salt at The Salt Room

Experience the Healing Power of Salt at The Salt Room

Salt-Room-LaJollaThe first of its kind in Southern California, La Jolla’s Salt Room offers halotherapy treatments for a host of ailments.

Experience the healing powers and therapeutic effects of salt (yes, salt!) at The Salt Room La Jolla. Inside a “salt room” filled with dry-salt-enriched air similar to the microclimate of actual salt caves, guests sit back and relax for about 45 minutes as they breathe in tiny salt particles deep into the lungs, where the salt then destroys bacteria and strengthens the immune system. The process is known as halotherapy—aimed at treating a host of respiratory ailments and skin conditions, from eczema to asthma. It’s 100-percent natural, safe and drug-free. For an even more relaxing session, opt for a halo-massage. 7509 Draper Ave., La Jolla, 858.456.3900. saltroomlajolla.com



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