Stacked at Fashion Valley

stacked-fashion-valleySan Diego mall food gets a little more hands-on with Stacked’s build-your-own ordering process.

The gimmick here is twofold: patrons can customize (er, “stack”) their own burgers, pizzas, salads, sausages and desserts using a wide array of gourmet ingredients, and all ordering is done through the iPad that’s docked at each table. Whether you’re an Angus-beef-and-cheddar kind of person or prefer a veggie patty with smoked Gouda and a fried egg on a gluten-free bun, the iPad won’t judge. It’s a dream come true for people with dietary allergies and anyone who’s ever cringed at the sight of the words “no substitutions” on a menu. Dress up some fries with butternut squash aioli, try Brie on your pizza or add roasted poblanos and spicy Sriracha mayo to your burger. The combination possibilities are nearly endless. The beer selection is a decent mix of big-brand domestics and craft brews, while the wine list includes Mondavi and Ravenswood. When was the last time you saw that at the mall? 7007 Friars Road, Mission Valley, 619.225.7900.

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