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One-of-a-Kind Designs at Noon

noon-solana-beachNoon is Southern California’s go-to shop for local handmade jewelry, letterpress cards and paper goods.

Noon offers a collection of hand-fabricated jewelry and paper goods by designers Nora Farrell and Maie Webb, who joined forces to create a unique studio and storefront in the heart of Ocean Beach. Graphic designer Webb hand-draws and presses Noon’s adorable cards and stationary while Farrell, trained in industrial design, hand-makes the nature-inspired jewelry line. Find earrings and bracelets made from freshwater pearl, abalone shell, turquoise and coral along with candles, handmade leather bags and 100% cotton paper letterpress greeting cards all inspired, designed and printed in San Diego. 4993 Niagara Ave., Suite 105, Ocean Beach, 619.523.1744. 349 N. Highway 101, Solana Beach, 858.436.7417.



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