Shopping | Love & Aesthetics is Little Italy’s “Lifestyle Store”

Shopping | Love & Aesthetics is Little Italy’s “Lifestyle Store”

love-and-aestheticsThe newest addition to the charming Fir Street shops, Love & Aesthetics stocks everything from home furnishings to artwork to unusual gifts to make life a little more stylish.

It’s one of those quaint shops you stumble into with the intent of roaming around for maybe two minutes … and an hour later you wonder how you ever lived without it. Be sure to thank owner and curator Sean Barnes, who regularly stocks Love & Aesthetics, the newest boutique lining Little Italy’s charming Fir Street. Barnes has filled what he calls his “lifestyle store” with unique home furnishings, lighting and tabletop accessories, artwork, jewelry, fragrances, bath and body products, and unusual gift items—all of which are hard to find elsewhere in San Diego and are mostly handmade by emerging artisans. 621 W. Fir St., Little Italy. 619.354.8441.



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