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Custom Upcycled Goods at Bottles & Wood

featureFor custom made gifts and upcycled elegance to meet every taste, head to Bottles & Wood and pour through their inventory of candles, glassware, jewelry, cutting boards, serving ware, light fixtures and more.

Owner and designer Steve Cherry brings beauty and creativity to the discarded pallets, windows, fence boards and wine barrels originally destined to local landfills. Instead of adding to the growing waste in landfills, Cherry’s passion is to upcycle items that many disregard. The focus at Bottles & Wood is to “reclaim, repurpose and reward” with an eye towards local, sustainable business, and education.

After spending nearly 30 years as an executive in the international telecommunications industry, Cherry now gets to focus his passion, creativity and design efforts into a company that sees beauty and potential in the everyday items around us. The business concept started in 2009 as Cherry cofounded BottleHood, primarily repurposing glass bottles into glassware, serving ware, lights and jewelry. Then, in 2014 with the partnership of Zelda Waxenburg (president) Bottles & Wood was launched with a larger product line to include repurposed wood.

Fashionistas will love the blue glass bangles, necklaces and earrings, while foodies will drift towards the beautiful butcher blocks, platters and serving ware. With an eye towards the craft beer scene here in San Diego, Bottles & Wood also boasts a lineup of glassware out of repurposed bottles from local breweries and distilleries that would make any beer enthusiast proud to display. Interior designers (professional or self-proclaimed) will go crazy over the home decor including candles, light fixtures, urban chic furniture and shelving units.

Bottles & Wood employs a team of equally enthusiastic artists to create the custom products (mostly designed by Cherry). With state of the art laser equipment, they are able to customize pieces for client branding and personalized gifts. The manufacturing facility and showcase venue is located in the Clairemont Mesa neighborhood of San Diego and serves many clients in the local gift, hospitality and beverage industries while also expanding its national reach. Custom pieces can be found at San Diego locales such as The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, Urban Solace, Cafe Chloe, The Blind Burro, Pacifica Del Mar, True North and many more.

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Store Hours: M-F 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
5039 Shawline St., Clairemont Mesa, 858.384.6114.



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