Wild Game Dining Catches on in San Diego

lions-share-san-diegoThe décor at two newly opened San Diego restaurants clues you into the fact that the name of the game in San Diego dining is, well, game—and lots of it.

Under the watchful eyes of the taxidermied antelope head mounted above the bar at the Lion’s Share (pictured, 629 Kettner Blvd., downtown, 619.564.6924), diners nosh on bourbon-glazed wild boar ribs, expertly seared stuffed quail and antelope sliders. Gingham (8384 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, 619.797.1922), meanwhile, is decorated in moose antlers and has a menu boasting venison carpaccio, gator andouille, sweetbreads and beef ribs so large they look like Mastodon bones. If you’re not a Class-A carnivore, both spots also offer excellent whole fish fillets and lighter sides: We love the potato puffs at Lion’s Share and Gingham’s “horny devil” deviled eggs.

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