Restaurants | Sausages, Burgers and Brews at Fathom Bistro

Restaurants | Sausages, Burgers and Brews at Fathom Bistro

fathom-hot-dogA bait shop turned bistro, Fathom Bistro Bait & Tackle serves up craft beer and sausages from its walk-up window.

Stroll to the end of the Shelter Island Fishing Pier and pop your head inside the modest structure resembling a bait shop. Inside you’ll find Fathom Bistro Bait & Tackle, an actual tackle shop that owner Dennis Borlek transformed into a cool bistro serving up craft beer and sausages. The interior channels a vintage submarine and is tiny, with just 19 seats total spread around wooden tables and a four-top bar that looks outside over the water. From Fathom’s walk-up order window, patrons can choose from 15 beers on tap, as well as house-made sausages, burgers and hot dogs. 1776 Shelter Island Drive, Shelter Island. 619.222.5835.



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