Restaurants | D Is For Decadent Desserts in Hillcrest

D Is For Decadent Desserts in Hillcrest

d-bar-hillcrestThe “D” in D Bar isn’t just for desserts at this new Hillcrest hot spot.

Crafted by pastry chef Keegan Gerhard, a regular face on the Food Network, the “D” in D Bar stands dessert, but also for dinner and drinks. Located in a cavernous, skylit space on Fifth Avenue near the heart of Hillcrest, newly opened D Bar features a seasonally changing menu of savory eats that includes dishes like vanilla-bacon-wrapped shrimp poppers, salads and sandwiches like the cheeky “sorta a torta,” with pulled pork, avocado, a “slaw situation” and sweet potato fries. There are desserts that would make your inner child freak out, like the waffle ice cream sandwich and a build-your-own-sundae option, as well as sophisticated cocktails designed to suit your outer adult (we dig the refreshing Peppermelon, made with Bombay gin, black pepper, honey and watermelon). There’s craft beer, too, plus a brief but globe-trotting wine list that runs from Japanese sparkling sake and Canadian ice wine to Spanish albariño and Napa Valley pinot noir. 3930 Fifth Ave., Hillcrest, 619.299.3227. 



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