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The New Children’s Museum

Kids playing in TRASH exhibition at NCM in front of Chris Sollars Play Fill.Think, play and create with The New Children’s Museum’s enriching, educational environment.

Celebrating children and the arts, The New Children’s Museum fosters creativity by bringing families together in a rich, interactive environment. Visitors can experience participatory exhibitions, engage in hands-on activities and see various artistic performances. The 50,000-square-foot building houses expansive galleries, open studio environments and an education center that offers unique classes and camps for kids from toddlers to teens. Currently on exhibit is Trash, a 12-artist collective striving to reinvent the way people think about refuse. Did you know that the average American produces 4.5 pounds of trash every day? Learn more about trash and start changing perspective by asking more questions. The New Children’s Museum is happy to help open your eyes. 200 West Island, downtown. 619.233.8792.



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