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Get Your Hands On Science with Explor-O-Rama

explor-o-rama-rh-fleetThe newest Main Gallery exhibition at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center is an alphabet soup of interactive exhibits.

Explor-O-Rama is a robust collection of hands on opportunities ready for discovering at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Explore mechanics, motion, math, hearing, electricity and many other interconnected areas of science, sometimes all in the same experiment. The Explor-O-Rama alphabet soup includes new challenges like the Bicycle Wheel Gyro, Strobe Flower and Magnetic Wave Machine along side the return of popular favorites like Whisper Dishes, Tornado and Pedal Generator. Find where the Balancing Ball will float to on a stream of air blowing out of a tube, modulate the air flowing past Fluttering Bridge to create resonance and different wave patterns, and shake the Marble Accelerator to cause a large ball bearing to race around the inside of the globe, mimicking the inside out hula-hoop. Children and adults alike will get swept away with the hyperbolic funnel of the Gravity Well, amongst the hours of fun to be had at Explor-O-Rama. Gallery admission includes access to all seven exhibit galleries, $11.75/adult, $9.75/child and $9.75/senior. The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, 1875 El Prado, San Diego. 619. 238.1233.



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