Museums | “By the Light” Shines at San Diego Museum of Art

“By the Light” Shines at San Diego Museum of Art

sdmartSan Diego Museum of Art showcases photographer Noah Doely’s first solo exhibition through February 25.

Photographer Noah Doely unveils his first solo museum exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art, “By the Light”—a mystical examination of how light entering dark spaces reveals their contours and crevices. The collection of photos goes inside the natural world, following light as its enters caves located under water. Using a pinhole camera, Doely captures dark spaces that at first glance seem to be devoid of any life and cultivates them as intricate dioramas to make viewers reconsider their own place within history and their relationship to the subject matter. He explains, “I began by making molds of aquatic rocks, casting them and then reconstructing them into various formations.” After forming the molds, he submerged them in a glass tank filled with water, then introduced one solitary light source, by which he would capture his image. Through Feb. 25. 1450 El Prado, Balboa Park. 619.232.7931.



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