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Fly like a Superhero with JetPack America

jetpack-americaSwim like a dolphin, soar 30 feet in the air and walk on water: It’s all possible with JetPack America’s water-powered jetpacks.

Seventy percent of Earth’s surface is water. JetPack America, the first to offer the Jetlev water-powered jetpack on the West Coast, opens that surface to you in a whole new way with its recreational jetpacks. Pilots can fly through the air, hover high above the world below, and skim the water’s surface at more than 30 mph using nothing but water pressure to propel them. The flight experience includes classroom instruction with a safety video and live training, a wetsuit, life vest and helmet and anywhere from 15-50 minutes of in-pack flight time depending on the package. High-definition video of the flight session—set to some thematic music—is also available to let pilots relive their glory. First-time pilots can expect to learn all of the basics of jetpack flight, including deep-water take-offs and landings, elevation control, steering and some of the more advanced maneuvers such as walking on water, underwater submarines, donut turns, low hovers and no-handed flying. Returning pilots can get instruction on expert maneuvers, including 360-spins and backflips. The water-propelled jetpack is safe, easy-to-use and fun for guests aged 16 and older. 1010 Santa Clara Place, San Diego. 888.553.6471. jetpackamerica.com



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