Two Schools of Cool Explores Contemporary Art

two-schools-of-coolTwo Schools of Cool pairs elder statesmen of cool with artists from a new generation at Orange County Museum of Art.

The history of the Orange County Museum of Art is rooted in Los Angeles art and artists of the 1960s and ’70s. Two Schools of Cool, through Jan. 22, pairs elder statesmen of cool with artists from a new generation, that emerged for the most part in Los Angeles since 2000, to create collaborative projects. The exhibition shows similarities as well as shifts in the art world over the decades, including the increasing prominence of female artists and the use of new technologies. There are five mixed-media installations. The collaborating artist teams are John Baldessari and Shana Lutker; Llyn Foulkes and Stanya Kahn; George Herms and Sarah Cain; Allen Ruppersberg and Amanda Ross-Ho; and Robert Williams and Ed Moses. Select public programs during the run of the exhibition include artist talks, performances and workshops. 850 San Clemente Dr., Newport Beach, 949.759.1122.

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