New-Honey-BLet’s Talk Love with Mrs. Honey B.

Maripat Donovan returns to the Laguna Playhouse as Mrs. Honey B., life coach extraordinaire.

The Laguna Playhouse introduces the world premiere of Ask Mrs. Honey B., Certified Life Coach, from Maripat Donovan, the creator and star of the popular Late Nite Catechism series. Mrs. Honey Buczkowski, a self-proclaimed expert on living the good life, recently retired from a career of teaching home economics and health and has since dedicated her energy to a new career as a “certified life coach.” Enlisting the help of her regular clients, Angie and Frank Travertino, Mrs. Honey B. demonstrates her first-rate coaching skills with a hilarious, interactive production. Married? Single? If you’re in a relationship or would like to be someday, you’ll laugh out loud as Mrs. Honey B. and the Travertinos wrestle through a zany coaching session along with actual couples from the audience. Laguna Playhouse, 606 Laguna Canyon Rd., Laguna Beach, 949.497.2787. 

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