swims-loafersSwims For Men

Fashion Island has everything to keep men comfortable–and stylish–at the beach this summer.

Coastal shopping destination Fashion Island in Newport Beach has its share of cool draws for summer. Not only is Kelly Slater–the only 11-title world surf champion–cut from a different cloth, but now his shorts are, too. Ultralightweight Diamond Dobby board shorts, available at the new Quiksilver Waterman Collection feature a cushy, embossed diamond pattern that reduces skin contact (and hence rashes and chaffing) by a third; four-way stretch capabilities; remarkable fabric memory; and dry twice as fast as most board shorts. No wonder Slater’s on board! Swims launches a line of versatile water-resistant loafers for men available at Garys. The loafers are suitable for resort activities such as beach, boat or dinner out, and back home for office–and rain! Fashion Island, 401 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach; Quiksilver Waterman, 949.718.9792, quiksilver.com; Garys, 949.759.1622, garysonline.com.

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