SEE Eyewear Offers Chic Affordable Frames

SEEintextOffering “Hip Without The Rip,” SEE Eyewear showcases a stylish assortment of affordable glasses at their new Fashion Island boutique.

Shop for trendy, luxury eyewear without the ridiculously absurd price tag at the SEE Eyewear boutique in Fashion Island. The buyers at SEE grab the best styles directly from designers, giving you value and a fresh outlook on eyewear. SEE’s exclusive collection includes the world’s foremost frame makers, in addition to up-and-coming styles from Belgium, Austria, Spain and Germany. In the new boutique you’ll find all glasses displayed in the open—freed of locked cages—so you can try on at will and find the best specs to fit your personal style. All frames include single vision polycarbonate lenses. Fashion Island Shopping Center, 213 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, 949.629.9099.

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