mille-fleursSea-Mist Soaps

Shop for adorable luxury soaps or create your own signature scent at Mille Fleurs.

At the Mille Fleurs website——you can read all about Millie, whose grandmother made soaps in France. But don’t believe it. Owner Kristina Tackett at first laughed then wearied of answering the phone, being asked, “Is Millie there?” and explaining that the name of the boutique is Mille, not Millie, Fleurs—and started answering “yes.” Millie was born—at least in the site’s About Us section. In the store itself, at Dana Point Harbor, you’ll find bath-and-body products including hibiscus, plumeria and Seamist soaps in the shape of sea horses and flip-flops, “extra sudsy” luxury bubble bath and Pua Kenikeni tropical floral perfume oils. 34495 Golden Lantern St., Dana Point Harbor, 949.248.7668.

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