maria_shrimpBroadway by Ross Pangilinan

Chef Pangilinan creates star menus inspired by Broadway shows at nearby Segerstrom Hall.

Expanding his nightly menu at Leatherby’s Café Rouge at Renée and Henry Segerstrom Conert Hall, supremely gifted chef Ross Pangilinan offers themed prix-fixe menus to go with the musicals and other shows across the plaza at Segerstrom Hall. Recent dishes: Blue Cheese Group, and duck leg confit with blueberry risotto, for the Blue Man Group; Maria made with poached tiger shrimp, avocado and spicy mango jam for West Side Story; and beguiling quartets and Great Balls of Fire spicy Kobe meatballs for Million Dollar Quartet. Planned for La Cage aux Folles (Jul. 24-Aug.5): “French-fried” frog legs with espelette lemon and basil sauce, and Valrhona chocolate fondant with Red Hots ice cream. 615 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, 714.429.7640.

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