Blackmarket Bakery Offers Sweet Treats In Costa Mesa


Blackmarket Bakery’s outpost at The Camp in Costa Mesa offers everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Blackmarket Bakery’s chef-owner Rachel Klemek runs her sweet shop with two mottos: “Resistance Is Futile” and “Powered by Butter.” Not surprising for someone who is inspired by the bedrocks of the pastry world—butter, flour, sugar and eggs— and the fact that in the middle of World War II, women on both sides of the Atlantic would buy those items on the real blackmarket if the occasion required. Now with two locations—the second of which most recently opened at The Camp in Costa Mesa—the bakery offers items including apricot ginger scones, coffee pecan tarts, lemon rosemary bread, cabernet brownies, pluot preserves, fig and fennel jam, peanut coconut brittle and Kéan coffee. 2937 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, 714.662.3095. 2937 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, 714.662.3095.

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