laguna-art-museumNew Spring Exhibits at Laguna Art Museum

Stunning pieces showcase Southern California’s creative art scene.

Recently, Laguna Art Museum opened two new exhibits—both with deep Southern California roots. The Postwar Era: From the Collection, 1945-1980, consists of existing pieces from the coastal museum’s collection. Through the works of Peter Alexander, Keith Finch and Roger Kuntz, among others, The Postwar Era explores the development and demise of various art movements throughout the region and how those movements helped shape Southern California into a major cultural force. Also new is Victor Hugo Zayas: Mi Obra, which presents the passionate, bold and expressionistic paintings of Victor Hugo Zayas. Mi Obra (literally, “my work” in Zayas’s native Spanish) contains paintings of figures, landscapes and cityscapes as well as linear, abstract sculptures. Of particular interest is Zayas’s newest sculpture series made from more than two tons of destroyed guns. The series stands as a symbol of peace in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Gun Buyback Program, which aims to take illegal firearms off the streets of L.A. The Postwar Era and Mi Obra both run through April 29. 307 Cliff Drive, Laguna Beach, 949.494. 8971.

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