theoremCraft Coffee Now Brewing at Theorem by Portola Coffee Lab

Portola Coffee Lab’s new concept, Theorem, highlights the richness and versatility of the coffee bean through creative craft coffee cocktails.

Located within the hip walls of the OC Mart Mix, Portola Coffee Lab introduces Theorem, a coffee immersion experience unlike any other. The six-seat craft coffee bar showcases not only the individual barista’s creativity, but the versatility of the coffee bean as well. With a menu that changes weekly, examples of Theorem offerings include coffee cocktails such as barrel-aged Kyoto Old Fashioned and a liquid-nitrogen affogato—espresso poured over ice cream whipped up on the spot using an ice cream base from nearby N’Ice Cream and liquid nitrogen. Guests can also enjoy a caffeinated twist on the traditional wine or beer tasting flight with a coffee flight. The goal of the coffee flights is to educate customers through detailed comparisons of such components as body, acidity, roast levels and processing methods. Theorem by Portola Coffee Lab focuses on global flavors, hand-selecting beans from around the world and uses sustainable, local and seasonal ingredients to complete each unique beverage. From vintage coffee machinery to the delicate glassware and chic lighting fixtures, no detail is too small to overlook at this handsome coffee bar. Theorem by Portola Coffee Lab is reservation-only and open Tuesday through Friday. 3313 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa. 

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