Val Britton: Terra Incognita at CES Contemporary

ValBrittonINTEXT Val Britton’s immersive, mixed media collaged works on paper draw on the language of maps.

Val Britton’s created landscapes are not any one particular space, nor are they connected to any one narrative. They thoughtfully investigate abstraction, space and mark marking, ignited by hours upon hours of tedious cutting, gluing and painting. Serving as a metaphor for searching, the maps implicate the presence of the unknown in wide, open spaces. They chart the path of identity that is born from a journey of meticulous formal and personal interrogation. Meet artist Val Britton for the opening on June 1 from 6-9 p.m. Showing through June 27. CES Contemporary, 480 Ocean Ave., Laguna Beach, 949.547.1716. 

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