spanish-mastersMuzeo Brings Spanish Masters to Orange County

Works by Goya, Picasso and Dali now on display in Anaheim.

Muzeo’s newest exhibit Spanish Masters: Goya Picasso Dalí, features Francisco Goya’s complete set of “Los Caprichos: Dreams of Reason and Madness,” Pablo Picasso’s “Etchings of Love and Desire” and 60 authenticated Salvador Dalí hand-signed lithographs, “Selections from the Collections.” Enigmatic and controversial, Goya’s “Los Caprichos” was created in a time of social repression and economic crisis in Spain. The series attests to Goya’s political liberalism, his revulsion at ignorance, intellectual oppression and ambivalence toward authority and the church. Picasso’s breadth and depth of expression as well as his love of print making is representative in “Etchings of Love and Desire.” These etchings are from his own personal collection—rare “before steel facing” proofs printed between 1966 and 1971—long before their respective editions were pulled, and are richer in contrast than the regular editions. Best known for his ability to translate dreams into artwork, Salvador Dalí’s artistic creations reflected growing importance of the subconscious on the arts as well as his influence in later developments in pop and modern art. 241 S. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, 714.956.8936.

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